Ogliastra - The Hinterland

Ogliastra, with the beauty of its coastline and mountainous hinterland, really is anew discover among the tourist destinations of Sardinia. Its territory, hemmed in by the sea and the mountains, offers an infinite number of unique scenes: a paradise of remarkable beauty located along the eastern side of Sardinia where nature shows its very best to the tourists. Here in fact, nature is still unspoilt and, little by little, it climbs the hills right up to the steps of the Gennargentu mountains, giving the eye a rare treat. On foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by car and offroad, you can follow trekking itineraries to discover places which you will not forget in a hurry.

Baunei - Scorcio sul mare Baunei - L'interno Baunei - Scorcio sul mare Baunei - Vista sul golfo di Orosei Baunei - L'interno

A great element of interest to tourists is the historical-archeological heritage that Ogliastra offers the numerous tourists that come here every year for their holiday. There are many fascinating archeological sites, cloaked in mystery, to visit throughout the area of Baunei and its hamlet of Santa Maria Navarrese, in Lotzorai, in Tortolì and nearby Arbatax. Of particular archeological interest in the immediate vicinity of Lotzorai are:
  • the nuragic necropolis of Fund'e Monti made up of thirteen Domus de Janas (Giants’ Tombs), situated three kilometres along the 56 main road for Talana and Urzulei
  • the Castello di Medusa, atop the hill at the south entrance of the village, the ruins of a medieval fortress built on Phoenician foundations, concealing mysterious origins: probably built in the 13th century by the Judges of Absolution of Cagliari or maybe the Princess of Navarra as a base following a shipwreck. Even now it is shrouded in mystery and legend;
  • the nuragic and pre-nuragic finds in the woods of Su Padentinu, four kilometres along the 56 main road;
  • the remains of the ancient church of Sant'Elena found within the village;
  • the archeological finds near the rural church dedicated to San Tommaso, currently under construction;
  • the nuragic tower near the church also dedicated to San Tommaso.
Furthermore, the museum house Sa Domu De Donna Nassia, dating back to 1600, with authentic objects and habitat reconstructions from the 18th and 19th centuries, has recently been opened to the public.

Baunei - Altopiano del Golgo Baunei - Chiesa del Golgo Lotzorai - Domus de janas Lotzorai - Domus de janas

The Ogliastrine territory is able to satisfy the requirements of even the most expert caver and to take beginners on guided tours through some of the most famous caves in all of Sardinia, which stirs the curiosity of many tourists and scientists every year.
The most famous is without doubt the "Grotta del Fico", found within the territory of Baunei, which sees the arrival of hundreds of tourists each year to experience the completely unspoilt majesty of this cave reached by boat, which saw many examples of the rare Monk seal right up to the 1980s. The cave is found within the limestone cliffs between Cala Mariolu and Cala Biriala and its entrance is only 10m above sea level.
Another cave in the territory of Baunei worth seeing is the "Grotta del Miracolo" (Cave of Miracles), whose name underlines the fact that nature really did create a miracle with this cave. Situated on the slopes of the 'Baccu Erettili' rocky promontory, along the coastline occupied by Cala Sisine, which the cave overlooks. The main chamber, over 100m long, is without doubt extremely beautiful, can be reached via the corridor leading off from the entrance.
These are the most important caves located in the territory of Baunei, even though they are probably for the more dedicated and expert, but Ogliastra offers an impressive number of caves that can be visited with a guide.

Baunei - Ingresso della Grotta del fico Baunei - Interno della Grotta del fico