Lotzorai is situated within the province of Ogliastra, at just 1km from the eastern coastline of Sardinia, which overlooks the Mediterranean. It is bordered by two rivers: the Rio Pramaera (originating in Palmera or Plamaera) to the north and Rio Girasole (originating in S'arenàda) to the south.

The village can be easily reached from the north and from the south via the SS125 East Sardinia highway, from the west via the SP56 main road and is only 5km from the port of Arbatax and 3km from the Tortolì-Arbatax airport. Furthermore, Lotzorai is located close to the enchanting tourist port of Santa Maria Navarrese and less than 3km from the hamlet of Tancau sul Mare.

Around a mile east of the village's coastline is the characteristic Isle of Ogliastra, an archipelago formed by three uninhabited islands, the largest of which houses the statue of the Madonna d'Ogliastra, which, in the last few years, has become the destination of a religious procession taking place during August, on board small boats.

The coastline of Lotzorai is characterised by its crystal-clear waters and a wide beach of white sand which stretches between Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax. It reaches from the hamlet of Tancau sul Mare to the port of Arbatax and it is where you can find, among others, the beautiful beaches of Tancau, Pollu and Is Orrosas (or The Lido of Roses).

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