The Green Train

"Il Trenino Verde" or Green Train is the name given to the tourist service promoted by Sardinian Railways, which allows you to travel and get to know the real, suggestive face of the territory of Ogliastra. Thanks to the splendid railways,it is possible to travel into the heart of Sardinia and visit some of the most beautiful places, sometimes so inaccessible and hidden that it is possible to reach them on foot only with incredible difficulty. If you would like to spend time relaxing and taking it easy, "Il Trenino Verde" is ideal: its relatively slow speed lets you fully take in the surrounding countryside and, why not!, to imagine yourself in a fascinating, far-off era.

There are two ways to travel on the Green Train:

Hire: all through the year groups, associations and researchers, who hire the train can choose itineraries, hours and stop-off points as well as the composition of the carriages or even the locomotive.

By Calendar: during the period from mid-June to mid-September, simply buy a ticket in the local agencies or at the station and board the train which run daily along the tourist route Arbatax - Mandas.

Recommended itineraries:

- Montarbu Tour: departs from Arbatax, the majesty of the Gennargentu mountains, whose peaks are reflected in Lake Flumendo, the highest in Sardinia, appear. The landscape is a roller-coaster of emotions where the terrain changes form and the imagination gives life to the peculiar forms of the rocks. After having covered over 60km of railtrack, the train stops, surrounded by a forest of secular holm.oaks. The route continues with a walk to the natural oasis of Montarbu, between Ussassai and Seui, within the Sardinian Forests Association park, with the odours and colours of an unspoilt environment. Unmistakably, among the trees, the smell of roast meat and excellent Sardinian cuisine announce the arrival of lunchtime with a festooned table welcoming the guests who can taste the typical dishes Culurgionis and Marracconeddus Sciarrancaus, all washed down with a superb Cannonau wine under the cover of majestic secular holm-oaks. In the afternoon, a pleasant walk to the limestone heels. Evening return by train to the station of Arbatax.

- Seui Tour: departing from Arbatax, and after covering more than 60km of railtrack, the train stops at Seui with its Medieval centre characterised by shale stone houses, built along the winding village streets. The high point of the itinerary is the Seuiense Monumental Museum Path, which includes the Liberty Palace, the Farci House, the Spanish Baronial Prison of 1647, the Civic Gallery, the Caredda Loy House, the Church of San Giovanni and Santa Maria Maddalena. During the tour, it is also possible to visit the anthracite mineral extraction section, reliving the harsh living conditions of the Seui miners, and the Spanish prisons, where the prisoners experienced dramatic conditions in the place where they were incarcerated from 1647 onwards. Continuing the tour, it is possible to have contact with the culture and history of the population of Seui and learn of the old arts and occupations. Lunchtime gives the chance to taste excellent dishes of the local cuising before departing once more to discover the secrets of Seui. Evening return to the station of Arbatax.

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