Wild Blue

Considered by some as “the most difficult trek in all Italy” selvaggio blu is an alpine-trekking itinerary which unravels along the magnificent cliffs and mule tracks of the Gulf of Orosei. Designed by Peppino Cicalò (President of Cai Sardegna) and Mario Verin (photographer and mountaineer) way back in 1987, it has, year after year, assumed ever more importance and interest, becoming one of the most famous and demanding treks in Europe. The original intent was to find a path which departed from Guglia di Pedra Longa and followed the tracks left by coalmen, who worked until the 1960s in these rocky crags, and ran along an itinerary as close as possible to the cliffs and, thus, reaching the beach of Cala Sisine. The intention of the two founders was achieved but a good two months of exploration was needed before it was fully discovered.

If you decide to follow the original itinerary, selvaggio blu requires naotable dedication: the daily stages last 5-10 hours over dry, stony terrain, in some places it is necessary to use abseiling equipment and climb (up to 4ƒ degree). For seven long days there will not be the comforts which we are used to having, you need to be able to do without, but you also need tolerance, a sense of humour and group cohesion.

Selvaggio Blu is, however, great fun. In a world of stones and boulders you feel, as you walk, a sense of something wild and without time. We are at the mercy of the sun and the sea in a dry, and sometimes harsh and deserted, environment. We feel as if we are part of this wild land. For seven days we are surrounded by craggy mountains, deep chasms and the blue sea, often in complete silence.


7 days (integral)
1. Santa Maria Navarrese - Cuile Duspiggius
2. Cuile Duspiggius - Portu Quau
3. Portu Quau - Cala Goloritzè
4. Cala Goloritzè - Ololbizzi
5. Ololbizzi - Cuile Mancosu
6. Cuile Mancosu - Cala Sisine
7. Cala Sisine - Cala Luna - Cala Gonone

5 days (less demanding variations)
1. Duspiggius - Portu Quau
2. Portu Quau - Cala Goloritzè
3. Cala Goloritzè - Ololbizzi
4. Ololbizzi - Biriola
5. Biriola - Cala Sisine

For further information: www.selvaggioblu.it