Excursions by sea

This type of excursion lets you fully enjoy over four kilometres of coastline, on crystal-clear waters, with scattered peaks which leave space for wonderful coves characterised by unique white, sandy beaches that really are the jewels in the crown of the coast of Ogliastra and, indeed, the whole of Sardinia.

Whoever decides to spend their holiday in Ogliastra simply cannot afford to miss a trip along the east coast (around 40km), crossing the clear blue waters on board a motorboat. To give tourists the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience, there are daily boat trips during the summer months which stop at Caribbean-style coves with white, sandy beaches looking out onto blue and emerald waters. While on board, the passengers will see spires, peaks, spectacular precipices and suggestive caves materialise before their eyes in an unforgettable panorama of colours. On some trips, lunch on board is organised so as to best enjoy this spectacularly unique experience of nature at its finest.

Baunei - Cala Mariolu Baunei - Spiaggia dei Gabbiani Baunei - Cala Luna Baunei - Cala Mariolu Baunei - Cala Sisine Baunei - Cala Goloritzè

Typical itinerary: Daily departure is at 08.30 from the port of Arbatax (west dock) or at 09.00 from the tourist port of Santa Maria Navarrese.
You sail north and admire the coastline unique for its rock formations and the colour of its waters. Soon after departure you will see the peak of Pedra Longa and the Golfetto di Forrola and the Punta Giradili. You can be enthused by the colours of the waters of Baunei before stopping near the Grotta dei Colombi cave. Once past Capo Monte Santo, you enter the Golfo di Orosei (even though it is still within the territory of Baunei) and you can enjoy the little natural fjords of Portu Pedrosu and Porto Quau before arriving at Cala Goloritzè, easily recognisable for its natural arch dug into the rock underneath a limestone needle. A dip here is compulsory, as the unique colours of the waters make this cove one of the most beautiful in all of the Mediterranean.
You then continue towards Cala dei Gabbiani and Cala Mariolu where you can have another swim and sunbathe on the white, sandy beach, or head for a visit to Cala Biriola, Cala Luna and Cala Sisine. It’s impossible to tell which of these coves is the most beautiful because each is spectacular in its own way and each offers you a spectacle of colours that no beach in the Caribbean can outdo.
The excursion usually includes a visit to the Grotta del Fico, the last refuge of the Monk seal, or to the Grotta del Bue Marino. A visit to these caves lasts around an hour and friendly guides will give you lots of information and will take you on a voyage of discovery in a simply unforgettable underground world. It is advised that you take a t-shirt with you on these visits.
Return to port at around 18.30.
During the entire trip, the boat’s crew will provide you with all necessary explanations and information so that you fully enjoy this truly unique experience and transform a simple boat trip into a day among friends to be remembered...and repeated!!
It should be pointed out that bar and restaurant services are present only at Cala Sisine and Cala Luna, for the other beaches, in the event that lunch is not provided on board, it is worth taking food and drink with you.
Cost per person is from € 25.00 to € 35.00***.

Baunei - Spiaggia dei gabbiani Baunei - Cala Goloritzè Baunei - Cala Goloritzè Baunei - Cala Biriala Baunei - Cala Sisine

• Prices can vary on the basis of boat type
• Cave entry is not included in the price
• Children under two years are usually free
• Discounts for children from two to twelve years.
• There are usually discounts and special prices for groups.
*** Prices may vary between June and September.

For further information:
Information desk: Via Lungomare at S. Maria Navarrese (at Restaurant "Lungomare")
Telephone: +39 340 6498136 or +39 339 8387788
e mail: fuorirotta@gmail.com
sito web: www.fuorirottabaunei.it

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e-mail: info@mareogliastra.com

If instead you prefer adventure and wish to discover the wonders of the east coast of Sardinia in absolute freedom, there are numerous boat hire services throughout the area, with or without driver, offering the possibility to visit suggestive and unspoilt corners of the coastline which are not part of the typical excursion itinerary, such as the Isle of Ogliastra, Perda Longa, Baus and the beach of Cala Goloritzè (not accessible by tour boat).
For those who want total freedom, there is also a motor dinghy service, both in the port of Arbatax and the tourist port of Santa Maria Navarrese. Or, if you prefer the presence of a professional skipper and expert sailors, you can choose to be accompanied in the discovery of these unforgettable places via Ligurian fishing boat, y-charter or even a beautiful sailboat... Thanks to these hire services it is possible to do many things, such as diving, holiday fishing, learn to sail...or simply enjoy an unforgettable sea excursion to discover some of the most beautiful coastline in the entire Mediterranean: the Sardinian East Coast of Ogliastra!!

It is practically impossible to give a detailed list of all the qualified companies in Ogliastra that offer the various excursions: you advise you to visit one of the numerous information centres in the area (Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax, Lotzorai, Tortolì, Barisardo, Cardedu, Baunei, etc...) for further details and relative information…in any case, we are always available for any explanation you may need or...simply to give you the best advice!!

The Grotta del Fico has been open to the public since August 2003 and is known as one of the most beautiful, important and suggestive caves in all of Sardinia.
The Grotta del Fico is, furthermore, famous for having been, until at least the 1980s, the last refuge of the “Monk Seal”, an animal which today, unfortunately, is extinct.
The Grotta del Fico opens up at 10m above sea level, along the extraordinary limestone walls of the Gulf of Orosei, between the wonderful beaches of Cala Mariolu and Cala Biriola. It is possible to get to the cave via pathways which allow, in complete safety, passage along the fossilised bed of a prehistoric river.
Going into the cave is like entering an enchanted land where the blue waters outside give space to the golden colours of the rock formations inside, in a landscape and an atmosphere which really has a unique fascination and where you really can perceive the majesty and wonder of nature...
Inside, expert guides will tell you the story and the secrets of this cave which has so far been explored to a depth of 1,800m but there are certainly more wonders still to uncover...
For more information, itineraries and prices please visit the Grotta del Fico web site: www.grottadelfico.it