Excursions into the hinterland

Excursions into the hinterland, on foot, on horseback or off-road vehicle is one way to contact and get to know the real heart of Ogliastra and its wild and unspoilt nature, on the discovery of countryside with colours, odours and emotions which cannot fail to stay in your heart forever.

Trekking is surely the best way to experience the real nature of the east coast of Sardinia and discover the real heart of Ogliastra. There are numerous pathways which take you into unspoilt areas, both of the mainland and the coast, where you can witness wild and untouched nature and taste new and intoxicating emotions. Expert, professional guides will take you to discover the territory via pathways of varying difficulty according to your wishes and experience, but they are all equally unique and exhilarating, so that you can fully enjoy this spectacle freely and calmly.
These are only some of the many itineraries proposed by the various operators in the area, but there are numerous other routes of varying difficulty to discover the wonders of Ogliastra where the green of unspoilt nature merges with the blue of the sea and the white of the beaches...

Trekking at Cala Luna
A great excursion which departs from the high plains of Margine and crosses an old mule track with incredible views before leading you to Cala Luna.
Difficolty: medium
Duration: 3 hours approx.

Trekking at Pedra Longa
Another great excursion which lets you admire the imposing limestone walls of Punta Giradili, Punta "Ar Gennas", Pedra Longa, the most spectacular rock formations on the island, bathed by crystal-clear waters which evermore exalt the vertical profile of the cliffs.
Difficolty: easy
Duration: 3 1/2 hours approx.

Trekking at Cala Goloritzč
One of the more famous excursions which leaves from the high plains of Golgo and heads for Cala Goloritzé, where you can spend the whole day on a white, sandy beach and dive into crystalline waters. The cove cannot be reached by boat.
Difficolty: medium
Duration: 1 1/2 hours approx. down and 2 hours to climb back up

Trekking at Ispuligidenie (Cala Mariolu)
A panoramic excursion which crosses "Genna 'e Pisu" and "Boladina", "S'Arcu e Su Tasaru" and "Sa Serra 'e Lattone", where there begins a steep descent towards Ispuligidenie (Cala Mariolu) where the white sand merges with the blue waters and you can admire the entire Gulf of Orosei.
Difficolty: media
Duration: 3 ore approx.

Trekking at Portu Cuau
A fascinating excursion into the valley of "Baccu Maore" which leads to Portu Cuau, an enchanting natural inlet lined by rock walls which dive into transparent waters. Portu Cuau is famous for the wreck of a ship at the mouth.
Difficolty: medium
Duration: 3 ore approx.

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Baunei - Escursioni in trekking Baunei - Ovile Sardo Baunei  - Escursioni in trekking Baunei  - Escursioni in trekking Baunei  - Escursioni in trekking Baunei  - Escursioni in trekking

Baunei  - Escursioni in trekking Baunei - Cala Sisine vista dall'alto

For those who do not wish to go on foot and have a passion for this splendid animal, excursions on horseback are an unforgettable moment in close contact with nature, helping us to forget, if only for a while, the speed and chaos of everyday life: a path through the woods, a trot along the beach or a climb up the mountain paths to the rhythm of hooves kindle extraordinary emotions that will stay with you. There are numerous riding centres throughout the area in Tortolě, Baunei, Lotzorai, Barisardo and Tertenia, and for people new to this wonderful sport, beginner courses are available and you then can go on brief excursions of a few hours or so, or on unforgettable treks on the splendid beaches of the coastline, before going on outings for the entire day.

Mountain biking is the best solution for those who want to visit Ogliastra and look for a way which really allows them to fully enjoy a sport and being immersed in nature. In fact, in Ogliastra there are hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of roads ideal for excursions of this type. It is possible to go on excursions and routes which are quite demanding (with highly pronounced rises and drops) or more simple itineraries which follow more even ground, but which will in any case excite intense emotions thanks to the surrounding countryside, far from any form of civilisation.
There are several qualified operators in the area where you can rent bicycles and helmets, in any case we advise you to go on guided excursions, with recognised expert tour guides.

Quads are ideal for those who wish to visit the hidden beauty of Ogliastra without getting tired and simply having fun. With this little off-road vehicle, you can reach more inaccessible places and take excursions right into the wildest heart of Ogliastra. You will always be accompanied by guides who hold appropriate licences. Places not to be found anywhere else in the world are just waiting to be discovered, on an incredible adventure...

In Ogliatra it is also possible to go on unforgettable trips via off-road vehicles, following dirt roads through valleys and secular forests, by ancient mountains with lunch stops so as to experience the odours and tastes that only the cheeses and meats of the Gennargentu sheep farms can give, to get close to nature and an environment even for those who are not used to (or don’t enjoy) getting about on foot!!
In fact, excursions via off-road vehicles represent the best way to dive forcefully into wild and unspoilt nature, like that of Ogliastra, using comfortable transport, ideal for families, and also the best way to take in the surrounding environment.

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